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The “Catranch” Riding Center in Podsusz is one of the few professional reining stables in Poland. Our recent and great achievement as a center is a 25×70 m hall with a reining surface adapted for reining competitions. The quiet, intimate and friendly center includes: eight boxes in the main stable, and three English boxes, and there are plans to have boxes along the entire length of the hall. The center can accommodate 60 horses, with comfortable, large, safe boxes. We have a place for social meetings under a shelter, a place for a bonfire and a barbecue. We cordially invite all horse lovers – both big and small – to take advantage of our horse riding, trips for schools and kindergartens, horse camps, and relaxation in agritourism combined with horse riding for everyone. The banquet hall located in the center also offers many possibilities ( We invite horse owners to a cozy guesthouse and horse training.


She is an actress and has been riding horses for 15 years. Since 2013, inspired by her husband Mariusz, she has been trying to ride in the West style. He had a mentor, Jacek Kadłubowski. Previously, she did classical dressage and jumping. Now he spends a lot of time on the farm. You can arrange private driving lessons with her.


Polish Champion in Wrestling, Armwrestling and medalist of the Polish Bodybuilding Championships. He represented Poland at the World and European Championships in all these disciplines. He is a trainer, instructor, judge and now a Western Reining competitor.

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Horse riding lessons for beginners and advanced

We invite you for an unforgettable horse riding adventure! Our offer includes horse riding lessons tailored to both beginners and advanced enthusiasts. Discover the beauty and art of horse riding under the supervision of experienced instructors. Transform your dreams of a perfect ride into reality with us!

Horse boarding house

Discover our unique horse boarding house! We provide the comfort, safety and love your horses deserve. Our passion is well-groomed horses and satisfied owners. Join our family and provide your horses with the best place to rest and care.

Horse camps

Plan an active holiday with our horse camps! For children and teenagers, it is not only about learning horse riding, but also about adventure, new friendships and unforgettable moments with horses. Our horse camps are a great opportunity to develop your passion and acquire new riding skills. Join us for an unforgettable adventure into the world of horses!

Occasional events

Create unforgettable moments at our special events! Our spaces and professional service guarantee successful events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate meetings. Give us the honor of organizing your unique celebration and together we will create unique memories.

We invite you to check out our full offer and discover what we have prepared for you and your horse! Find the perfect solution tailored to your needs and passions.

Learn horse riding in the best style with our professional instructors!


Our horses were and are trained by the best foreign riders and trainers in Europe L4, top 10 in Europe and the USA. Each horse is treated as best as possible, royally. We take great care to ensure that the trainer of our horses is consistent with our thinking, through reason to success. First the horse must understand what he has to do and then he does it with pleasure. We care very much about the level of trainers and their approach, we immediately part with those who do not treat horses the way we want. We are constantly improving the level of training. We still have a coach from Italy L4 on site. If we believe that the horse needs another trainer, we send it abroad to further improve its training methods and achieve even greater success. If we think we need even more help locally, we train by checking the best trainers from Europe and the USA, come to us and organize several-day clinics. Our horses compete in Europe and the USA, and they also find new owners there

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